Thursday, October 24, 2013

Michael G. Ronstadt & Ronstadt Generations - Scotland & N. Wales:

Michael G. Ronstadt just finishes up cello workshop in Scotland -- Ronstadt Generations Returns to North Wales (UK):

I have been making connections with fellow musicians and enjoying the scenery in Glasgow after  presenting a cello workshop last Sunday (10/20) alongside the amazing cellist, Seylan Baxter, of Tattie Jam & Cello-Harp.  We each taught different tunes in the building and met up on breaks.  An amazing group of 9 folks came out to participate and I truly had a great time working with as well as learning from them.  All levels came out to participate, from beginning to advanced, and I even was able to jam with a local professional cellist yesterday evening while we traded tunes and accompaniment concepts before I retired for the evening.

Also this week...Scottish/Alaskan harpist Cheyenne Brown and I have been working on harmonizing original tunes as well as solidifying material that we started playing together at Common Ground On The Hill (2013).  I figured that since I'm going to N. Wales 10/25-11/3 for Ronstadt Generations performances, why not go out a few days early and try to connect up with a new part of the world and make some initial connections where I may want to perform in the future...  I also want to give more workshops abroad, so this turned out to be a perfect starting point.

On another note, if you remember the tune set in my solo CD, "Bridging The Gap" (2010)...the first tune I play is called "Tam The Bam," written by Pete Clark.  As luck has it, on Tuesday I was able to meet up for lunch with Pete while he was on break from teaching at The Royal Conservatory Of Scotland.  We were able to meet for the first time in person (rather than the formal permission to use his tune on my CD), and it is an honor to now know such a great person and fiddle player!

The adventure continues though... and the fun part now is that Cheyenne and I get to perform some bits of new material in the coming weekend of Ronstadt Generations performances, as well as having Cheyenne add some amazing harp accompaniment to the tunes we perform.  Rehearsing it this last week has gotten me very excited to bring her harp work to the folk music I've always played with my family and I know that audiences won't be disappointed.

If you're in the UK (specifically N. Wales) or know anyone who would like to see us perform, the full schedule is on our website below:!schedule/ca2k

We look forward to seeing you at the performances!

Michael G. Ronstadt

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