Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Headed to Wales

So here we are at the Newark airport waiting to catch a plane across the pond. We are headed to do a few promotional shows in Wales. So if that's where you are, send us an email and we'll let you know where we are. 

My dad and I left Tucson this morning at 2am to catch a plane in Phoenix at 6am (thank you to my beautiful wife and my mom for the ride). Now we are currently in hour 3 of our 6 hour layover. It gave us a good chance to do all of our last minute phone calls and messages before the international barrier makes it more difficult to communicate (as this world gets more and more technologically advanced, it's still amazing to me that things like cell phones have such stark borders when leaving the states). It's kind of like working in a loud bustling office (not really, it's more like working in a food court, oh wait...) 

Michale G. is in Scotland and anxiously awaits our arrival (in Wales, you figure that one out).


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