Friday, June 19, 2015

Wonderful way to start a tour!!!

Well our tour started with running from the heat in Tucson to play a little concert in one of our favorite venues.... Hillsboro, New Mexico. We were warmed by the heartfelt reception our friends gave us and encouraged by all the new folks that were coming for the first time. 

The Black Range Lodge in Kingston, just up the road put us up for the evening and as always it was amazing to sleep in the rich history of the Lodge. Catherine and Gary have become wonderful friends over the years as well. Thank you for always providing is with not only a place to stay but a true home in Kingston.... feels like family... If you are ever in the area and want a lovely place to just be check them out....

On to Albuquerque and another wonderful time with our friend Ken. Even thought it is hot in the day the evening here in Albuquerque still holds the magic of the nearby Rio and the night breeze is cool and soothing with the song of the high desert playing softly if you listen carefully.

A visit with our friends at Pimentel Guitars to see a new mandolin in the works. It a beautiful instrument and even though it is not finished just holding it and feeling how it resonates with the room sounds.... you know it is gong to be a joy to play and hear.

I am curious about a new Mandocello and will end up with one in time. The great attitude they all have about what they do is like having a tall glass of clear cool water on a very hot day.

I love the idea of two longtime southwest families working together to keep the music handed down through the generations stay alive and grow as the new generations find new instrumental ideas and musical pathways rooted in tradition and family. You can find out more about this family and the instruments they make at....

We are looking forward to the house concert tonight and off to Santa Fe in the morning!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Doin' work

Catching up on some email at Flying Star on Rio Grand in ABQ. 

Summer tour has begun

We left Tucson on Wednesday in our newly acquired Chevy van, Gladys the Rostan Wagon, and arrived in Kingman, NM at the amazing Black Range Lodge, thanks to Catherine and Gary for putting us up at such a beautiful place. At the venue, we were pleased that so many turned out on a Wednesday evening at the old high school in historic Hillsboro, NM, particularly our new friends who drove from Las Cruces. Afterwards, Pete and I spent some time dabbling in some astrophotography in the hopes of capturing the stunning view of the stars at that altitude. Maybe Pete will post some his star pics. Our next show is tomorrow at the McKernan's house concert In Albuquerque, NM. Big thanks to Ken Gilman for entertaining us this evening. Pretty good way to start the tour, keep your ear to the ground, we're coming, America.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The First RGYLT 'Living Room Series' Concert on

Last night I kicked off the first of hopefully many solo concerts by members of RGYLT. I broadcasted live from my living room for about 40 minutes on Thank you to everyone who logged on and caught the set. We will be doing more in the future so stay tuned...

New Merchandise in the Store

We have a bunch of new merchandise in the store. Make sure you check it out.!store/c1njf