Tuesday, August 14, 2012

RG in Ireland

We've been having one hell of a time here in Ireland with the Burns Sisters (if you haven't heard these sisters sing, do yourself a favor and go listen). We got to share the stage with them at the Feakle Festival in County Clare followed by a 6 hour session at a pub in Feakle with many folks. Last night we topped it off with a show in the beautiful St Cronans Church, the oldest church in Ireland that has been in continuous use (built prior to 964 AD). Their guitarist on this tour, Brian Ashley Jones, is a wonderful guitarist and song writer out of Nashville and definitely worth checking out http://brianashleyjones.com. We are here for only two more days but can't wait to be back. Thank you to all of you in Ireland who made this such a glorious trip. And a special thanks to Kate Purcell for making everything a reality. If you haven't heard of Kate Purcell, she is a talent you don't want to miss out on. Please check out her music at http://katepurcell.com.

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